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circuit of a galvanometer and is then subjected to longitudinal
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beyond which point we entered the forest. Between Boalon and this
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In the first place the houses of prostitution are given
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off and no adequate cause can be found the diagnosis
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The sedative or constipating action of morphin when it occurs is
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Madame Metchnikotf is eminently qualified to write the
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securing intense mental preoccupation and the hypnotic sleep
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On October 20 1848 Trustee a son of imported Trustee out
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intense congestion and hemorrhage may occur in certain
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tion has been that two hospital beds have been required
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clear but Dr. Marine has observed that if tliese dogs be given
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diately on its infliction boric and salicylic acids cresol and
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as in our case in a person of forty it always means
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fection is established the vital factor in limiting the spread
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delayed. The severity of the initial symptoms abates the pain dimin
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tions from his own articles published as far back as
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is more often the seat of election. It is important to remember
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once started diuretin often acts well. Large hot irrigations with normal
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brates almost all of the brain in front of the midbrain is dominated
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benefit should not be entered ujjon until April 1922 at the
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temperature which is fatal to eggs has not been determined.
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considerable or large hypopyon. In these cases I use the
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adde i an account of hospitals which either play an ofiScial
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DtAOirosiS. In the rure ooaes of ttleer of the wlierc it
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dular mucous membrane is removed. This is a superficial removal only
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The periosteum strips off very readily from the shaft and beneath it there
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also a South American plant Trinius name is here retained for the species.
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The larvae in feeding move forward over the bottom of the vessel
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made. Sometimes this intermission is a providential means
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or on the other hand of indolence or of greed or whether while
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different uppearan s. of ypottndsof this qature I must own I

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