L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

we may refer to a recent paper by C. Hart Merriam in Science

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in water while in other diseases it will float. The eyes will have

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being the fourth pregnancy and more or less adhesions each

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the patient little but mav considerablv tlisturb those who sleej with him.

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tractures are frequent in later stages and may lead to

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gether when the veins re completely blocked. The ad

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devitalized and infected tissue and on closure of wound with only extra

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remains constant. Whatever fresh notions of the world may be given

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a fact which has been confirmed anatomically by Thoma. Few affections

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Many years ago a person suffering from a rather strange disorder came

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tinued for at least two weeks after the last vestige

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lai o exagoror lour ignoranoc laqu lt lle ost. do vcrilo. extrome

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or transversely across the intervening muscle bundles and

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of sensation in the leg. Colic rather sharp in character

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cJiangcs render it eoiuaslent to deaignate this swelling

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ago had suffered with tuberculous pleurisy from which he had com

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be able to obtain a general average of over 25 per cent.

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and 7 for a thorough mental examination of all chil

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With the Dog gnawing and rubbing often modify and so alter the

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mands praise for its valuable data and scientific methods

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the observer trusts to percussion alone but the auscultation sounds

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large symmetrical tumours were palpable in the right and left hypo

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digestion is associated with diseases of the respiratory

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fistula at the right femoral opening the result of a

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imagines when they emerged were perhaps equally fine specimens

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for special work in a particular field. Not too many

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Morbid Anatomy. The most constant lesion is in the spleen which

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pericardium or a subphrenic abscess after perforating the lung or the

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very thin letting out a quantity of foetid sanguineous fluid. The incision

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dency to the production of a carrier state ynd no disease was

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it can infiueuce the legislatures to enact good medical laws it can

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authorities are of making trivial alterations in the general statute law

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as the patient experiences the slightest pain the ex

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moreover of opinion that Dr. IMarsden s figures supported

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not the removal of the cause of the pathological condition one can understand

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and origin. Part I. takes up the consideration of blennorrhagia first in

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certain that in severe rheumatic pericarditis this specific action cannot be

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was still an occasional trace of albumen. Distinct tenderness of the abdomen

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desolate when Jupiter in his wrath slew him with a thunderbolt. After

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bowels and the kidneys are concerned they can be de

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lage. After a suture had been applied and a canula inserted

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superceded by the addition of the alkaline solution given

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and Salamonson who produced tuberculosis in the eyes of guinea pigs and

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seems to antagonize if given in sufficient quantity

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goose flesh etc. precede to be followed later by vasodilator changes.

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After the just described introduction of the new remed to the scientific

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bones than are present in the adult. At various periods

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been recorded as a parasite of the kudu in Cape Colony Hypoderma

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bread dried fruits pltuns cherries grapes pineapple etc. all act

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of potassium and in protecting the affected eye from cold. The prognosis

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much or too little artificial pressure. The sedentary

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In addition I also have had considerable military training both as a

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discoveries in the matter and then turned at once to the

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tio i corrected and amended with Annotations never before

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observed in patients having true rheumatic endocarditis rheumatic mani

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Orpbica diducit supra verbis tvla ayra rjaBtura r Bfdfmri. An ergo

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processes in the cells they are protective antitoxic because

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scutology were laid bare before our very eyes. Win

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that the children get often only three or four hours

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Venereal diseases still hold first place for both admission and non

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all your teeth pulled proved that. People who take care of themselves do

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is rapidly on the increase I am sure that you in your official

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cannot be used indiscriminately and here the difficulty is to select

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best given in simple water sweetened and diluted to the patient s taste.

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and coil of wire. The coil is wrapped with cotton and

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gical interference is the best. It is far easier and

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very inferior serocym. Many sheep have habitually such inferior

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example the ordinary thermometer measures the temperature of the

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cases with much cicatricial contraction the results

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geal it may be.so thickly encapsulated in unyielding walls that

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It is evident that an accurate knowledge of the pathology

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as copiously as any mineral water. The increased flow c

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satisfactory. The air may be collected in various ways. When

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of the building which we expect to build. Yonder is

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mentally have shown that it is not entirely without some justi

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numerous morbid conditions under which arterio sclerosis may be mani

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num needles attached to the poles of a direct current are

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her sister s case and her own first pregnancy I ad

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indicated. Alcohol and tobacco are to be reduced to a minimum.

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stitch it up with a needle used for sewing up wounds but

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