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ers got well under the hypodermatic injections of curare. Chloral
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In other cases we have been able to keep the patients longer
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ample provision is made. Private charity is not and
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sible that many of these cases in which the pain associated
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to irritate or even inflame the kidneys. I have seen many cases of
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three weeks to as many months. Removal and replacement of
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would have ruptured the abscess or done some damage to the bone.
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treated aseptically may be used as a far more reliable inoculant than the
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sion. Parascondola has also made an extensive study
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have been recommended for this troublesome symptom we may mention
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lymphaticus resembles in appearance the normal organ of
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rent begins and ends in instantaneous rushes of electricity of high
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sibly contaminate milk intended for human food. Authorities like
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can be absolutely no doubt. A dog whose sciatic had
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rocks. Exact knowledge is needed as to the behavior of rocks under
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between a reactionary Republican ticket and a progressive Democratic
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a matter of course healthy and happy. Go then and give
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vent the sale of margarin as butter but with only indif
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heade of M r Doctor Browne as depntye for the saide
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ists where the history of the nose showed that the af
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have always attracted the special attention of medical men
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one is responsible sometimes another. There is no cause of hives that is
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Michigan Medical School Ann Arbor Michigan for furnishing
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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. The roots are fusiform from 12 to 18
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In testing for the Achilles tendon reflex the patient may be examined in
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te der Unrcinigkeiten im Magcn und in den Gcdarmen
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time before he hits it again a pebble placed in the
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dependent on the clothes not being properly turned under at the foot of
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M. Girtanner this idea of deeping in an atmofphere with lefs oxygene
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perfect and it will be of considerable interest to examine
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overpaint the pitiable surroundings associated with plague
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by veterinarians for are not meat inspectors laymen It
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pectoration spots of purpura appear and death ensues preceded
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other hand in the case of abnormal people we find it
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facial expression may suggest extreme stupidity this is more often due to
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if there be a foreign body in the eye an impulse forward is
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trichinosis. The Duke of Richmond when Lord President in 1S79
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From the point of view of the oral bygienist the sup
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by members of the House l gt y the press by the Departmental
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toms may be absent. Relapses are very common. Dresckfeld in Medical
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when the foetus meets with any obstacle to its passage through the
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be firm and white and the meat grayish in color and easily crumbled.
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evidence to place these two diseases in their proper
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In diphtheria a when the nose is involved and often
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said it was proper that a certain proportion of the chronic and
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still patent veins. Here then would be an origin of the vari
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enough his bowels have become accustomed to the stimulus pre
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gitis unknown until the last 100 years is interesting. The
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In the 105 cases operated on there was 6.66 per cent
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ment of ENLARGED TONSILS Frequent in Children Treatment ESOPHA
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dysmenorrhoea are particularly interesting. Dr. Simpson maintains that this
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should then be made over each fang mark and preferably one to
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of glaucoma. This following on a detached retina for which no
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And the fact seems to whisper that you are no Jew.
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good reason for suspecting the presence of a non malignant tumor even
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the seat of war in France has proceeded uninterruptedly a large number of
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that as a result of more careful and perfect operative
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and there were only from 16 to 20 deaths a day from the
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by reports of amputations without shock. Applications in
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ulcerations are noted. The spleen is somewhat enlarged.
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Delpech Emile Mallez Maladies de I Appareil TJrinaire.
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the only or even the chief factor in deciding the amount
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connective tissue is thickened and even the walls of the
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description is as follows The lungs contain smaller or greater
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sylvania Professor of CUnical Medicine in the Phila
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ment which the author worked out for the patients in the vene
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divisions of the nervous system which are occupied with chemical
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Mall and myself upon haemorrhagic infarction of the intestine in 1887
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gametocytes differ in size and shape from those of Halteridium but this is
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most frequent in the dorsal region. Sometimes there is
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impoverishment and especially its diminution in quantity but also the
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der and the genitalia. He stated that accidental al
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there is complete continence of bile and no achylia there are intermediate
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will treat the subject with incomparably greater wisdom than
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activity September 16 1918 to March 16 1919. The normal bed capacity in
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anaemia swelling of the spleen moderate iu comparison
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apply B aJUicon either alone warme or fometimes againe
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former acidity and motility will be below par unless the condition
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First in prominence amongst these conditions we have again overcrowding and defective

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