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the intestines and viscera behind the tumour were without exception free
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second phalanx of the fingers in association with dilatation of the stomach
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objects be discharged either externally or with expectoration. Hydatid
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subsequently of fibrillati d lonncctivc tissue. lacrosco ically there is ro
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the opening in the diaphragm the stomach had carried part of
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pain the vomiting and the jaundice still pci Mst ami
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exposure to the Finsen light. As this subject was under
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flamed free scarification and the nitrate of silver are the usual remedi
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From what has gone before it is therefore evident that the distant
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so that in case of feebleness of the current that very feebleness would
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regularly so that the anterior chamber to the outer side
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formerly supposed it was the effect only of a wound
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definite prostration and veiy acute pain. The treatment recommended
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effusion and by blowing up the stomach. Strubell suggests
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of amblyopia but it is extremely likely that it will prove of
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shares with other organs the power of attracting an excess of blood during
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in the different experiments. In some cases the animals were
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ton S. C which has been so well pictured by Mumford. Of these
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given the con2 de grace to Whitehead s operation a fact
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period of immunity is greatly prolonged. His experi
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her again at which time she had developed a septic pneu
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manufactured this j ear and which have not yet been sold.
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represent a run of comparative rarities but they demon
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successivity of stimuli plays in them. This was realized by Aristotle
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on the right side. Arterial thrombosis due to the pneumococcus occurred
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Sometimes after a sprain there remains a good deal of
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the colon bacillus alone which agreed thoroughly with
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abdominal ganglia have been found to exhibit evidence of degeneration.
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while controlling the progress of operation by passing one hand into
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she admitted taking care of her baby and not sleep
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plan of keeping a space of so many yards between every
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rays. This article can best be appreciated by read
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port in person to the commanding general. Philippines
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have no documentary evidence. She called herself a French woman but I
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Internally dipitidis 219 and i52 oil of juniper. Ml and sweet
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demonstrated that the intestines were matted down all over the front
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phenol it is employed locally in pharyngitis and other throat
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Aquae Menthge Piperitae sufficient to form a mass. To be divided into
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and pass mt rectum and this be the only evidence of the luemorrhagc.
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clique which only doctor flesh and blood would have tolerated.
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very valuable as a mild narcotic in neuralgias from
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its necessity under the conditions stated. After bleeding it will
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introduced a discussion on congenital dislocation of the
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these 500 men was 24 years their average pulse rate 85
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ate grades of antliracosis are noted during the examinaton of the
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will appear more strong than suitable. Again when he says that there
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cism and which is just now being introduced is destined to advance
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distinguished visitor who carries back to his country a favorable
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permanent teeth and finally cavities in temporary and permanent
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remarkable. The treatment may be of some value but the pamphlet
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nies is to reject an applicant who has had two near
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taken at haphazard make even the crudest tests and the most superficial
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expectant lines. A large abdominal fomentation sprinkled
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cases the tricuspid murmur has Ijeen detected before any
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The two interstitial nodules show a moderately good injection
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block. At one time the patient showed complete heart block with
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On the whole this book should be found quite useful
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properly be used in case of war between civilized nations
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of nature in those whose blood crasis has not become nccHmated
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publication of a paper by Dr. Geber of Vienna Archiv f.
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or cure it when present in fowl. This extract has also been found
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original store than he ever did before and yet his second store s
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ures. Despite the Socratic and intellectualizing tendency of Xeno
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time. The sequel was to be found in a daily newspaper
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little variation those of the two preceding nerves. The ventral
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cent more recovered where membrane was not present in the pharynx
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Luzon Province of Laguna Mount Banajao Loher Bur. Sci. 2426 Fox
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Ss. At a higher heat such as is used in the British
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signed district. 2. Registration of all families claiming
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described this case in the Weekly Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal
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from the first does not exceed at the height of the erup
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The resemblance to the Charcot Marie Tooth type has already been men
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cent. to 56 5 per cent for the females. If we compare
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of the mucous lining of the larger tubes and compli

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