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fright exposure unsanitary surroundings. But more especially by preg

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hour for the continuance of fermentation in the forms after

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peurynter is possible. The bag is then filled with a 2 soliUion

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the rectum of saline solution over a period of two to

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both indigestible and heavy gravel and sand and may fall into the

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and nerve supply to all the organs glands and lymphatics

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patient and medical attendant. These unpleasant features can

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incision and admitted three fingers. There was a large

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in degree or length as obtained in phosgene poisoning. Usually a preliminary

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immediately after the injection. In most cases night sweats are

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dition. The other became rough mangy and ill conditioned and weighed at

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will also be an evening e.xhibit of lantern slides which

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infected was received by their audience as conclusive and

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disappeared from among the native troops as a result in the change

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to certain parts as exemplified in the shortened extremi

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occurrence in Europe I think this statement will accord with the clinical

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efficiency of the army and navy and that constitutional syphilis is the

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unfitness for v.ork on the most triviad pretence the con

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tvefe taken by Mr. Muir respecting the contents. It shoatd be r

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representation they have no representation at all. In the

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mune serum 72 gave good agglutination while Koch immune

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siderable change for the worse during pregnancy. Later Hof

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The present writer would especially enforce the fact referred to m

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are rare when this medicament is employed early but if

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Men have come to rely upon him. Moral and deep sympathies have

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curved aneurismal needle was introduced into ifie vagina and passed from it

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under novocaine with excellent results for mother and baby.

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should be based if possible upon the correct name of

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