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Finance Bill No. 2. As a result of this procedure there
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ment Much undoubtedly will be learned with these aids in the
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sical examination of over 3000 Samoans during a period of six
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affection when caused by congenital syphilis occurs generally
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To enter on the conclusions of other workers in this
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it will be of special advantage in those diseases which
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The time of exposure is ten minutes unless otherwise indicated by figures
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This is a difficulty that Glynn frankly recognizes and
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sanction of positive law to the rule adopted for the
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brain cells that hold the function of memory. It is
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Another doctor says that the city might have a fund from
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form. In some cases of this class no organic lesions can be discovered
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weight of linseed oil as determined by the freezing point boiling
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of arteries was almost unknown in childhood so that
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some chilliness and general malaisey followed by feverishness. Pain
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affection which is otherwise so often well compensated. Saccular
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Strangers and parties were directed to withdra W. On
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the morning the quinine produced a depression of seven tenths of a
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tion of one particular tissue or organ has long been
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application to painful rheumatic joints has in a certain proportion of

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