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weight of linseed oil as determined by the freezing point boiling
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bers perhaps no traveller has yet visited them. The Bushmen who live
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Herxlieimer also emphasized the importance of the inflam
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though they are such as are not even hinted at by Moses
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two main heads as acute or chronic. The former corresponded
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like successful results and now it had practically and energetically been
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the nervous system as involved in the perspirations flushes hemorrhages
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tion of the stomach and intestines that the invasion of
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pected but fortunately it yields readily to treatment.
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which has only of late years been recognized and described as a distinct
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mob would have lynched him if the patient upon whom this first
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benefit should not be entered ujjon until April 1922 at the
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accomplish any results health officers must be given
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hot climates it has been well observed a vis inertiae
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officers as chemical advisers. 18 There were 33 medical officers and 32 chemists
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compressed tablets should not be lost sight of. If suspended
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the cecum appendix and adjacent glands. The cecum almost a
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ploys insuftlated pure chloretone a white crystallnc
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ing in this country was frequent and severe. The Diamond Match Company
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noted and continued it throughout his delirium. On the third
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Streptococci and staphylococci are the most common organisms present
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B8 752. 1 Determine the quantity of anti serum which in
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he was well armed and in all professional matters conservative. In
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animalis voracitatem magnamque respectu stomacbi cordis ampli
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class who found in Jesus evidence of His Messiahship by
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of Surgical cases coming under the Student s personal observation in the
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disposes to the affection the spasms are often excited directly by some
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causes pain collateral oedema and inflammation which extend
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day cold in the head. The cocaine produces immediate deple
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part of the tumour and of what was found to consist of

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