L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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will of course be three and one eighth inches under the same
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happening in this manner are found in the aged although occasionally
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lease of all relevant data. Responding to the encouragement of my
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partial pneumo thorax the onset of which is nearly always insidious and
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infection the failure of the experiments is thought to prove nothing.
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become confused the intellect clouded and the man falls perhaps
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quate for nearly all emergencies. It will do for the high opera
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redoubtable malady it is still more distressing to know lli.it we halve
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der Bafis von Urofkopie und Pulslebre baute dcr Praktiker cin ein
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in these cases of cyanosis. From sixteen to twenty ounces of blood
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example the ordinary thermometer measures the temperature of the
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defects or disturbances prevail among our people and have com
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smallpox for at one time vaccination in smallpox was in
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Until recently AECL has been constructing a replacement for
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lungs with the production of larger cysts and larger
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without secretory changes but nearly always there is
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differentiating typhoid and malarial remittent fevers and is
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Dr. Robert Bell in the fifty seventh year of his age.
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Cerebral Arteriosclerosis. The vessels of the brain may be diseased
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inary institutions to stand as monuments to their renown for vet
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both within and without this Society for more effectual
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The numbers excepting in the Examination for the Fellowship where
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ing two years later an ordinary induced current gave no con
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are the best means known to us of keeping the feet warm
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women so operated on though they have become pregnant
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Dr. McRae For thirteen years had been seeing a great many
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was a tired ill man seeking a little rest and recreation in his

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