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indications for abdominal drainage are becoming more

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other substances under the same conditions. For example the

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Perhaps the greatest causes of summer complaint in children

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At the beginning of the year 1919 the receding wave of the influenza

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had been comparatively little increase in the admission rate with

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What is the most important factor in the prevention of repair

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organic lesion sufficient to account for death. The greater portion

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and in the second place to the interference with the conductivity of efferent

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monly caused by syphilis. The treatment is very similar to that of

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for lumbago by the careful examination in all cases of the back and

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netism was at one time a popular claimant for healing honors and

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that the females remain hidden in the dense bush and do not come

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explains this by the fact that in the mines there is no

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belonged in the class of endothelioma. Whether this

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the existence of a curable disorder. I shall follow

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peutic measure and I have several cases of dysmenorrhea which have been

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Ijy the drying on the hair of the discharge due to their punctures.

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A recurrence of these attacks gives rise to several irregular and partial

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