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maternal and fetal tissues are unnaturally adherent.

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ture is then dropped in. the lid clapped on and the patient

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masses in the liver and abdomen paralysed legs from

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ramification thereof seem to be the chief evidence of the

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often in those cases there are signs of old tuberculosis.

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relieved by lumbar puucture. As time went on the attacks

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the spinous processes of the last cervical and flrst dorsal vertebrm are

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Fortunately however all the men secured even under the present

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during the attack. The ordinary remedies have been given for the treatment

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trial but the conservative spirit of ophthalmic surgeons

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careful scheduling of said plays and it is possible at

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is his aversion to out door exercise under various pretexts which it ia

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Patrick recalls an experience I had about a year ago. A man

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emphysema some pneumothorax and pretty profuse haemoptysis.

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There are several points that favor the view that a tuberculous

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two persons of strong minds but with mental defects in their blood strain

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upon the addition of pilocarpine. mellitus may be alleviated in

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themselves that the secretion of alcohol through the kidneys is

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Laubry and Mougeot subsequently deal with the less understood

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ally no fever in which the mastoid is full of pus. To

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demonstrated their nature by the production of a specific

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hetherccrteineolde fores in her legs which were of long

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the typewriting and stenographic section was very successful in ob

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SYMPTOMS. In early stage obscure partly because they resemble

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wise so rare in children. Both cases terminated fa

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is a Royal College of Physicians a Royal College of

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Hay a member of Parliament from Sussex in the last century Hussein

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almost entire sleeplessness without the aid of remedies dizziness mind acts slow

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the narrowing may of course cause death and as already mentioned

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