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from them the conditions upon which they were incline
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tions in gonorrheal epididymitis and orchitis gonorrheal rheu
can valium damage the liver
Strong Alcohol well rubbed in cures in five minutes.
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sites. It is to be regretted that in a work otherwise
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and optic tracts which so freauently cause hemianopia and partial atro
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This great problem should enlist the best there is in pulpit press
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electrode are not unlike the ones from a fulguration elec
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The course of instruction embraces the preparation and study
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delusions and not actual realities and that at times it produces also
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has deteriorated since its introduction by the immortal Jenner
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important questions of the day was the subject of lodging houses. The
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epidemic in its true perspective and perhaps even in some small
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sionally however dysuria and retention have been observed such sphincter
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in the mediastinum vary much under different circumstances. In certain
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Acting in an advisory capacity to the secretary is the national
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Convulsions occurring during the puerperal period may be produced
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Total liabilities May 1 1922 in bills rendered 472.25
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atropin and various other heart stimulants have been recommended
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list of five simple exercises for the abdominal muscles which are
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fiscal year and 409 trusses vere furnished and fitted.
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dyne etc. Sinapisms applied to the prcecordium help to secure relief.
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ing action upon the respiratory centres with it than with
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sized bore of one quarter of an inch enables an ample amount
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When pains are very severe three doses of ten drops.5 gm.
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with a clean towel and let it stand in a warm corner for
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etiam coKcueir ut UXaraUis Horatius epod. 16. Phocaeorum velut
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