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the child falls asleep and awakes the next morning feeling perfectly well.

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soaked or spotted with pure red blood but when the first haemor

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Note. Mustard gas case dying nine days after exposure. Severe de

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for such an increase. While the incidence of the disease can hardly

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The tissues of the placenta though prone to certain forms of degenera

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corolla concave notched at the apex the lower three

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summer 7 soon after he had captured Torone. Finally

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much less power of bearing on either side of the bit by raising

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in fresh culture media kill other living bacteria of

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Aat. 115 Jiu treatment of Prolapsus Uteri by Zwancke s Pessary By Professor

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final hospital treatment when it is necessary to maintain traction for

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wounds in the early days of the war produced direful

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accorded to Dr. Houston for his services to the society and

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is also used in infantile pneumonia and bronchitis but the Aca

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calculated the economic loss to the country that might be

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producing any artificial tannin. Its specific gravity varies from 1.2 to

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it constituted a routine procedure. Unfortunately so many

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until improved. His attention was called some eight years

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I never saw a more marked case of uterine abscess than

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that the heart is in diastole and that the veins of the

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in 1833 and the south wing in 1839 the fabric seems to have

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at the command of the committee. The principal labour

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general one it should be taken with food. According to the

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tractions was accompanied by a fall of blood pressure the action of the

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given in all cases where they are indicated. In the

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nibus 4 didynamis ovario globoso glabro 1 pyreno pyrenis 2 vel

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Rancid A rank strong smell. Incipient putrefaction.

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frequency of phlebitis and arteritis. The chief interest of these observations

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for the past two years. The following figures give the composition

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Abortion or Miscarriage the premature expulsion of the foetus

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Rocchi that 50 cc. of a 1 solution of gelatin introduced into the

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The experiments of Pospischil show that the rate of heat produc

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