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or medical man from Philadelphia was employed on the commission.
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is protracted styptic and astringent medicines are not indicated. For
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and the tubercle bacilli disappeared in 43.2 per cent. Paul
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poisoning of the retinal macular ganglion cells see art. Eetina. In
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The ocular membranes in these cases are normal or show at most a
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tudinal threads lay ou the outer surface of the nerve like a tube.
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are not the same as those on the coast of Africa nor are
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cocytes causing the production and excretion of much uric acid
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ticians. I ask the profession to read and carefully weigh
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or occasional saltatory ideas. In day dreams the looseness of con
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The best time for leaving England is between the end of September and
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has brought out some of the dicta and modes of expression
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the shape can Ik somewhat corrected bv muscular eifort.
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and in each case the symptoms were manifested coinci
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Still tolerably constant portions of the body similarity in the
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adopted without discrimination. He believes transfusion ought to be
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results. I also induced some of my friends to try it
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other animals and exerts no dele thor has attempted to fill this gap.
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the end of two weeks and then injected half a drachm
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Bimilar paper to them. The interest of Dr. GjddarJ s address
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be due to the more confined life of the cows and the
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cribed to the effects of chemical substances which are
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cifically 6 those that deal with the forms of words c those that
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ny. Tlio following is tlie naison nhy tho pulse oncn gmvs
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to enlarge the opening to any required size. When a
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iu the proceedings. The report showed that during 1920
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tion the operation being the second of its kind ever recorded. Fritsch

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