L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

At the present rate of annual increase there will be in
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occurred in these months Graham. It has been well called the autumnal
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due to digitalis poisoning. Can you think of any other possible cause
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tried to show that quinidine reactions notable as they are are
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scabies of the Horse may have its origin in the auricular acariasis of
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transmitting any weight on to the affected limb. Many eminent surgeons are
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inclined people claim to be able to read thoughts with
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constantly being demonstrated by the fact that individ
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every five minutes till he had taken the whole. In about half an
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that may be left at least that has been my experience.
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and blood diseases at the Royal Infirmary. He showed some
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poison is none the less a remarkable phenomenon in the pathology
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those of the abdomen from the pressure of the tumor.
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successful confinement case in a family dates the firm position which they
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of nerve fibres which relax those muscles. The rhythmic and peri
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A meeting of the Fellows was held on.July 7th for the election
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disturbances. They rarely attain to vigorous and robust health.
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ones. In the initial stage the joints of the foot are
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The biologist points to bare facts that he has discovered but
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to cure it. Dietl in an oft quoted utterance of 1851 announced
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tion in the number of viable individuals occurred at the
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any other remedy of this class in the pharmacopeia. In addi
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four blades of the spoon is perforated with a small
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tion of the agent who so adopts it. That is true but the
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is no eye muscle paralysis. The pupils are equal now and they react
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and sunlight as much as possible. If the sinuses are
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The producers of vaccine have been using great efforts to avoid contam

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