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variations. They develop for instance largely in the internal

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mirably illustrated both in the writing and the conduct of

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when it finally forces itself upon the physician s attention the case

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it. Bicarbonate of calcium is a very effectual preservative and to

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Celhdaris Tothis Corporis Hydrosarca General Dropsy. The more

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detect a movable kidney is with the patient standing. To

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I mean the uniting the vapor bath with the cleansing of the

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Thus the area covered by G. morsitans borders closely on the south

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where one is beforehand certain of failure trusting

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Clinical data. Severe mustard gas intoxication incurred October 2 1918.

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improper mastication is of diagnostic value. Thus a patient who

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Caskie when he returned to settle in Glasgow was already

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caused by the ulcerative process in the rectum comes from a tuber

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with the other conditions which are now under discussion. At the

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comminution of bone considerable ravages of disease within the

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rib to the upper border of the ninth and three fingers breadth.

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epithelium. Here and there are occasionally ecchymoses and still

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two bed wards for lying down patients. Good accommo

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use of the hypodermic needle for morphia and quinine injections.

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