L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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intestine. These Cestodes belong to eight distinct species all of

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fied. The gliomata and fibromata particularly when the latter grow from

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what milk was originally used in the various brands of the fluid

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infectious diseases of man may be discovered in the future.

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ber 10 19 1 granting Acting Assistant Surgeon Dudley leave of

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should get the better of him but should he recover

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though hereditary susceptibility in many other diseases may be

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mer resorts in country districts during the stage of incubation and

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at home. There seems reason to hope that in such dis

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lay in this condition passing water and feces in bed for about twelve

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medical supplies. As it eventuated however it was not unusual for the medical

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Law patients receiving their sick benefits. He said that.

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tical as to the value of the doctrine that unhealthy

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small quantities and in liquid form for a long time before his death.

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affection they had at no time had any form of treat

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wise used in infusion in diseases of the bowels and hemorrhages and

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agreed upon yon can pay it over to a bank manager or some

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the heart would certainly be in vain when they were composed of

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turbidity is generally caused by eating too much meat or

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is excited by extension from the bones of the cranium from caries

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to its physiologic hypertrophy. An interesting rpics

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These discrepancies due to the preparation of the antigen

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Bulbar Paralysis Facial Paralysis Facial Contraction

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be contracted in this manner the systolic wave is invariably rendered

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T y small quantity. Pressure by means of a graduated series of

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of the canal zone is becoming daily more apparent. Sec

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study has been devoted also to hallucinations of the movement and position

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more regular even more rapid cures would have resulted.

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