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rule moderately swollen. The subjective disturbances are fre
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but once. If he failed to remember he was considered
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air space per man. On the Vologda front the men were quartered
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between the middle and proximal phalanges being replaced by fibrous
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that in well defined cases of saccharobutyric putre
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other to their fellow workers in the allied sciences and to man
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highest but the possibility of individual reaction to such
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thumb and first two fingers were blown off leaving a useless and stiff
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Medicine in the University of Glasgow. Gordon Sanders
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added in small type at the rate of 2 per dozen words.
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early tribal origin. These were its inspiration and are the most
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Bimilar paper to them. The interest of Dr. GjddarJ s address
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Name three metallic poisons and mention an antidote for each.
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fresh air and every agent which can aid to this end.
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of thirty or forty miles in length and two or three
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spheres intelligible a voluntary suppression of reflex movements
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out the abscess cavity daily with carbolized water 1 20
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Discussion. Weir New York proposed a new use for the
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member of the Council of Armstrong College seconded the
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offer their services and some t them do surprisingly good work for
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different methods of hardening and cutting the tissue
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pardon this slight offence against unity in terminology
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country respectively while the incidence of the disease
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healthy man. The logical deduction from this is that the kidneys nor
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acteristic sym toms are but scantily and imperfectly developed.
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with gauze. Repeat this process every second day until the edge of the
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frothy layer beneath which is an opaque layer of mucus and at the
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and simple retroversion in three cases. Adhesions of the clitoris were

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