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thirty five years unbroken residence in this country. Dr.
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turbing cause and preventing the first run down of nerve power much
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size. This peculiarity in the percussion note above a pleuritic effusion
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Church s charis show the incidence both for first attacks alone
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from neighboring cells until a considerable mass of
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by microscopic examination easy. Accidental rupture
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profitable manner. Local butchers could effect a considerable
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against hernia. This is not so. I have had to operate on
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to be added to these should be the Australian and possibly the
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operation. The sole requirement is to relieve the penis
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tubercular epididymo orchitis in which there was much distress on
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followed by hydrophobic symptoms. While the animal wha
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The difficulties in the diagnosis of small pox in the
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rhage is always very free for a few minutes but soon ceases spontaneously.
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capillary vessels and the ectasia of which they are the seat 2.
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infected through a suppuration of the middle ear so the
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puncture and injection being repeated as wanted. In the inter
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sessile stigma and containing one seed in each division. Incisions are
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of suppuration in cases where the parts are unopened. But if
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STAMMERING to Cure. A gentleman who had stammered from
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and not the mushy stools of typhoid fever a fever that runs a
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delusions and not actual realities and that at times it produces also
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College contained which may he repugnant to or inconsistent or at va
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I evsiccination was necessary. The pathology of small pox
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of bile ducts but without any involvement of the hepatic

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