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fingers and toes sloughed off. In a subsequent confinement long after the

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The larvae in feeding move forward over the bottom of the vessel

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of embolism of this event Osier has observed an instance.

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rheumatism and neuralgia may depend on peculiarities

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flattened on their summits and show slight umbilication with Avhitish

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and in young adults but has been encountered in all ages. The

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was that there was no perfectly symmetrical brain or body.

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extended operation and it was he who pointed out how

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volume should be ready bv August 15 1885 perhaps he

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plan of keeping a space of so many yards between every

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subjected to the strain of a heightened tension and a

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in which the symptoms are more or less modified by the

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the onset the patient could not bear to be touched or

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ary or continuous forms of congestion of the face especially the

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found growing in old fields and waste places flowering in June and July.

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dough and left to rise in a mass. It is then made into

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the growth and development of Aberdeen in its civic

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Marbid Anatomy. A meningeal hemorrhage may extend the entire

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Marshall Henry Hints on the Examination of Recruits 8vo Lond. 1828.

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The eruption is especially localized upon the shoulders the sides of

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paresthesias of the throat and tongue and neundgia of

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been the capsule of an original fibroid. Sections showed

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hypnotism as a doubtful therapeutic measure. Tlie soundness of his view is

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