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the thyroid in nine dogs and immediately transplanted it into

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These adaptations persist for a certain time and are transmitted

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clusions. Many times we will be led astray by false lights but

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Psorospermosis of the skin is reported by Ehrmann in

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IN the adult human animal the glands designated bronchiai

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force and expresses the view that sexual excitement had an accel

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wound should heal by first intention. A rest of one to two weeks

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which the lung had been removed b the position and move

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fornia a town of about 8 000 inhabitants founded in

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method on the condition that he should not communicate them

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State the difference between the agglutination test and the precipitin

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garding it. The time of taking to bed can generally

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tween two of the lobes. It was then possible to introduce water or

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where situated The reviewer deems it superfluous to further circum

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the ostium vaginae. This rather frequently happens.

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cosoma hcematohiam Bilhai zia hcematobia. A cylindrical trematode

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he committed suicide iu two years. He did commit suicide

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mur 7 these murmurs are best heard over a rather limited

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this meeting and expressed the willingness and desire of the Woman s

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tients. Moreover the comparatively frequent employment of

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symptom in the majority of tests. Lacrymation did not become pronounced

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dotted with these minute protrusions. There is but a single normal opening

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definite substance for which infants showed differ

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nervous exhaustion induced by monotonous movements or

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flamed free scarification and the nitrate of silver are the usual remedi

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the washings of raw meat sometimes the proportion of blood is so great

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object of all schemes alike is to make the inspection

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