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certain abuses which His Honor Judge McDougall may touch upon in

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There appears to be some relaxation in the demand for unilaterality of

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the washings of raw meat sometimes the proportion of blood is so great

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derma. Leukoderma is more common among females. It is rarely seen in

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the retina or detachment. Occasionally when the eyeball receives a direct

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the processus cochleariformis which here makes a sharp

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was no less striking. A boy aged eleven was suffering from

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Hewlett concludes as the result of his investigations

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out in the snow in sleighing time not by walking for hours

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of patients having advanced malignant tumors with pure

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The American Yearbook of Medicine and Surgery Being

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between the vocal cords which in some cases extends backwards as far as

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ultimate effects of hgematuria upon the kidneys. 35th. Illustration

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Carbodjdrates do not directly furnish tisene elements

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of pulmonary tuberculosis. Pathologists tell us that from 70 to

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Of dilatation in the female and washing out of frag

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are expanded. These markings are called striae and the

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ered from tlie various sciences which may bo utilized in the prevention or

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served as its basis coincide with those of previous observers. One

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sory disturbances in the distribution of the trigeminal nerve on the

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vention has been adjusted to the sole of shoes to maintain proper

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Pectoral Pertaining to the breast as the pectoral muscles. In medi

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