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trachea as the oesophaguB is closed and the glottis open. This
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Only authorized translation into the English language from
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can prevent more grave nialadjustment in later life.
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conditions to which the human constitution is subject in regard to which
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in Foreign Schools and Mr. Arthur Heche the work of the Pedagogical
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tions etc. which must not only be persisted in but must
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The bones of the body of an ataxic manifest an extreme fragility and
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accelerate elimination by mechanically removing epidermis and by
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sary to be careful in incising the skin beyond the articulations so as
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suspended from it. That neither of these favoring circum
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processes must be analyzed and classified in terms of energies agents
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of Europe to Ireland probably six centuries before our era
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JiTizture for the Rot Take common salt eiprht ounces powdered gentian two
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on the right side could account for the small amount
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George s Hospital Medical School on October 3rd 1881.
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rie dillbluetb tumours and clenfeth the face ft ornlentills
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and the time shortly comes when such diet ceases to nourish. Thus
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Dispensary and in 1867 he was one of the founders of a
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not occurred to any extent and some perhaps to the success
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rapid wasting but without jaundice. An interesting case in which
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horse and as he neared the wire six thousand people rose to their
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one is not justified in excluding the occasional finding of such an
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was the nineteenth week of this year in twenty of the largest English
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dwellings. In this connection it is practically useful to know
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with fever and convulsions I have frequently used the cold
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indicating a rather uneven distribution of the bile in the pan
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acid alkaline or neutral were free of pathogenic germs
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pancreas of a dog of 7 kilos. The gland whitened as
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when the waters recede with which they form nefts that are im
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axillary artery was readily appreciable. The radial pulse was
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necessary to uphold the dignity and hononr of the profes
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Medical Officer of the Hinisti y of Health indicates that a

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