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characteristic of organic lesions of the spinal cord

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which it states has been successfully tried by one Baron Von Backhofen and

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which she recovered at the age of 57 without any return of the

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to be illustrated by reference to Comparative Anatomy. No Award

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Calyx bilabiate corolla bilabiate upper lip straight lower lip spread

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wards it may not reveal itself by any of the physical signs hitherto

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sions as erosion of a large blood vessel or perforation

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Night Terrors and excessive nervousness arc of frerjuent occur

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however show another photograph of an individual who travels

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discharge which she lately observed on their cloth

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local anaesthesia with cocaine is preferable. A four per

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in Patients Receiving PUVA Psoralen Ultraviolet A Therapy.. Rh 16

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I swear by Apollo the physician and Aceculapius and Etygeia and

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A NEW medical journal entitled La Dinijnosi to contain

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of the cornea either partial or complete is generally observed.

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character that peritonitic symptoms rarely follow the

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tained his connection Avith the Hollis Street church for forty

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from the great professor was I will examine you again

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developing pustulous exanthema calculated to attract attention.

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Kent Branch. A meeting of the Kent Branch will be held

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animal charcoal then filter and again precipitate by water.

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not so much due to a mechanical invasion of the tissues through the

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stock. One of the new comers is first affected a week to fourteen

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