L. Ron Hubbard
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indeed infer that the Indo Europeans were acquainted with some

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ataxic birds are almost the same in the normal in reference

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detecting and assessing defects. Though the measnring

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bility. Is honorably discharged to lake effi ct March 25. Captain

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raw material of dreams. Yisceral and tactile sensations

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which may be shaken while the gas is being introduced. If the

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ratory work. Trite as the saying is cooperation in such endeavor

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severity of haemoptysis and the height of the blood pressure.

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Private Clubs. Dr. Stolterfokth raised the subject of

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Camp Hospital No. 108 was organized March 1 1919 at AUerey Depart

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Herpes Zoster Shingles. Groups of vesicles form on a bright red highly

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examined and discovered the character of the work. The doctor ac

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ileveloped a left wrist drop which took six months to clear up completely.

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trophic in character. Extreme cold frequently induces neuritis

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India wdio hid been subjected to a careful examination previous to

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percentage of cases of plague have the point of entry of

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to bring on corns steady driving will also cause them.

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depression and improving tlie appetite and digestion. In

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spreads the two pieces apart thus causing the food to become lodged

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nerve of any considerable importance in its development.

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iron. The sulphides are produced in the process of fermentation and

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Contributed by Acting Assistant Surgeon Fred. Schafhirt.

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any further remarks ott this case as it speaks for itself. Twice tJie

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There is no definite alteration of the blood picture. The other two

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To whatever department of ethnology we turn our attention

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