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prostration. The pulse at first is full and bounding and

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reddish brown. The pleura over an infarct is usually inflamed. A mi

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to the right iliac fossa where it lay on the lateral side of

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hj railroad accidents 10 by vehicles and horses and 9 by falling from

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Schultze of Frankford o 4 bas seen two instances of retinitis

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water soluble vitamine is equally essential for all

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and injection of iodine may sometimes cure but generally

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the horse for such work as will sweat him severely he discovers

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designed may write to me in accordance with the rules laid

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appetite had more or less irregular bowels and a some

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the tuberculous patient may have increased or decreased tonus in either the

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ble Sickness is more popular in the army than elsewhere if only for

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from four to five years it was said that the additional

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the treasurer before the candidate can be admitted to final exam

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Otitis media with which an attack of rheumatic fever may sometimes

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Microscopic Examination. The hardened tissues were fixed

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I was dealing with. Now in these varying conditions we

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epithelial cells and masses of pigment granules. The m

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This insect caused the fly plague in Zululand in April 1914 which

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saprophytic in their mode of life and which only in particular cir

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