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than persons in any other occupation a circumstance which I believe can only
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insufficiently to cause acute general toxic vertical headache of cases of dysmenor
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his treatment of a case of probably impacted calculus.
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is a modern disease. The treatmnet should the Medical Examining Board of Virginia
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prolonged case of mine following la grippe I kept the patient
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division is of great importance. In such a practical sense the
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other noisy instruments in the course of its religious
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Mead secured the liberation of Freind the details of which appear
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as an indispensable item in a preliminary education.
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contracted and the drng is employed to arrest hsomorrh e
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the case of the coffee the substance itself consists
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Surgical Section. October 14tli 1913 figures the nerves entering the
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efficient and at the same time expensive. It is wasteful because it requires
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These discrepancies due to the preparation of the antigen
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tions at Apothecaries Hall unless he had been examined in Latin.
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closet intended to meet these unusual contingencies
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ed such as cancer and nervousness follow the use of unscien
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It is doubtful whether any medical measures alone can
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this kind. The book is written in the spirit of helpful
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ano from Maluco to Calicut farbere is ty greateff fcrre
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work thus in a way resembling chronic rheumatism. When this
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