L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

Dr. Thomas J. Harris New York submitted an analysis of

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The Serpent Society is the service fraternity to the College

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In blackwater fever there is much blue pigment and in anky

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Army Medical Service History Statistics Invaliding

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cines and drugs derived from animal glands need to be kept cold.

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ganic derangements. The memory fails and life is warped in all its

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padding or prolixity in the text. Indeed considerably more than

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either of melanoblasts or chromatophores it has the advantage of not

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aminations in September were those of the Society of Apothecaries and

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effect of atropine on the pulse may be manifested without any

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acid scanty etc. the mercurial purgatives are held to possess some

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where he continued for four years then three years at Columbus and

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of temperature 102 but by no other bad symptom. On the

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operation. To the other ten dogs which served as controls nothing

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Kindly mentioo MEDICAL SUMMARY when writing to advertisers

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roughly 20 per cent. The course of the disease is ap

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casion controversy and even contention. Whenever such

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