L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

Having allayed by proper depletives the febrile 1 svmptoms there still

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of the bile duct though what caused the obstruction I was un

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an eqnal volume of alcohol and glacial acetic acid. It is

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Independently of a Listrophorus somewhat like that of the Rabbit

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xemaining ones are now to hand in the shape of a single

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mechanic treatment is also important. Sounds are introduced

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joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Re.serve on February

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quite sufficient in my opinion to sever chloroform from its much

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and bronchitis which led to peribronchitis vasculosa. They believed

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attacked with numbness which passed successively to the rest attended with

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failure in compensation increases attacks of dyspnoea occur at night

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tificate. This I think is the best possible kind of control

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involvement the author advocates extending the incision

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Case 30. George G set 57 died of acute peritonitis following hernia.

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tubules shows a considerable degree of fatty degeneration. In some

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The drug was administered in dosages ranging from 1 to 2 drachms

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cases of typhoid fever. In those days typhoid fever usually

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veys and critical study of definite areas or of concrete problems.

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tended towards the scrotum for 2h to 3 inches from the external

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is prevented mechanically myeloid tissue makes its appearance in

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instrument are sterilized. The extremities of the body are

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soft. Pelves dilated their mucous membrane and that of the ureters and

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in the hospital there were periods of slight tachycardia. There was

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of iKttassinm internally. The surgical treatment involves flushing of the

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adherents of the myopathic theory it is true help themselves

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