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servative measure. Ligating the artery distal to the sac has not given

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Science of Medicine sprang from an empirical art of healing. In

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intestine from its contents is more difficult than the same pro

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action produced by hyoscine as being due to a direct stimulation of the

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Redundant Bowel and Mesocolon Cut Away. Twisting of the

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findings in two cases the platelet counts being 280 000 and

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are disteiuled or choked with coagulated milk pus and serum the

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than from observation is the third. If we adopt the hypothesis that

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subsequent growth however they take on an entirely different

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became aphonic and one died. J. Bark of Liverpool in

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medicabiles sunt sed tamen aliqui omnino pervicaces sunt.

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a foramen a cotyloid which deepens the cavity a coxofemoral

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The disease is rarely fatal. The only fatal cases which I have

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showing how little lag or inertia there was to the string. As

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tion of the above named diseases evidently proceeds.

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rope whence it followed three trade routes. It reached

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compulsion first introduced in the act of 1850 are reviewed.

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that a reward any small sum be offered for the apprehension of

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Again there is sometimes a febrile reaction not a definite hectic but a

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importance with other pneumonias the pneumococcus variety is much

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by a medical inspector or myself. The following features render a case

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about the infected wound. A strange feature is that it does not

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Multiple Sinusitis. In combined frontal ethmoidal and sphenoidal

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Miss D. aged 32 consulted me on October 26th 1S77 complaining

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glion to the glossopharyngeus ganglion and it contains both

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should be provided lor is a question for the legislature

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high colour index. After six mouths increased protection

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Reception and triage surgical dressing hospitalization evacuation record mess and

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ations and corporations there spring up associations for mutual aid

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than approve it and help carry it to a successful conclusion.

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old teaching that the murmur of mitral stenosis is pre systolic in

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