L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

adoption of such radical and unusual methods for the enforcement of

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The surgeon reports that the protection against mosquitoes was so

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endeavouring in each case to adapt its charges to the means of the

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records and from a journal kept in the office of the Town

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not a few of the very foremost surgeons of the day.

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Symptoms. Similar to colic the animal is dull and languid

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the handle. The point is inserted posteriorly to the vessel and

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fine shot. In these cases the condition imitates cirsoid aneurysm

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The work Donitz illustrates not only the rapidity with which

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thetics the elaborate preparations against sepsis may

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will be in a position to get his patients to consent to

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its present sphere of dilettantism of diplomatic intrigue or of

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Harz 1877 Z 2scom2 ces Rivolta 1878 Nocardia Trevisan 1889

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weight as a cause for rejection fell from first to second place the

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bered that the patients belonging to the constitutional type are

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Pain and paresis of left arm but no numbness. Tenderness on

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culation and 3 sedative to the nerves after preliminary

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For the protection and safety of such a milk supply the pubhc must

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number 4711 Army Medical Museum. Negative number 46152. MacCallum stain X 810

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proven useful in certain conditions and a complete consideration

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For the first four clays no expansile pulsation could be math

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many disorders the intimate nature of which is beyond our ken.

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For drinking purposes distilled water is used. The food is excellent

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