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During the process of muscular exercise lactic acid is oxidized

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cutaneous antibrachial nerve internal cutaneous nerve

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it is undoubtedly to this fact thai the distorted statements

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a vertical direction. This deep sac enclosing bowel

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known by its undulato crenate primary ridges. Chemically all parts

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The bulk of the rvatcr and salts are excreted from the

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Casie 5. Healthy young woman set. 21 imperforate hymen retained

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county panel asking them loyally to comply with the

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hospital medical and surgical staffs were under consideration. The

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apparent that they are suffering pain. Sometimes in

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favourably with the mortality returned for Birkenhead in previous years.

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describing cases which occurred in his own practice. me was

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The present work steers clear of these objections both to the general

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male congruit si respicias sequentia. Nostrae scripturae singular

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tender. This tenderness had little relation to pain and swelling

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present 1897 inmates of the leper asylum at Dorpat. There is certain

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enough to dissolve the resins such as guaiacum tolu etc. and also the

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have been taking before he comes into the stable without injury

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Thirty seven Full page Plates Twenty of which are in

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were to describe what living tissues I have Been Kome of

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tampons and pessaries. In all cases of doubt an anaesthetic should

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