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pelvis is much dilated The bladder is contracted and thickened

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was placed under my care May 26 1852. Thin in flesh pain iu

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large mononuclears and transitional forms 11.25 per cent.

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ment only should be instituted because partial operations on

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one of tbe seances. Rape may be perpetrated in tbe analogous

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tractor which I use is one of my own design and I believe

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It is plain the attending physician believed all the symptons

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tected in such cases should be firmly repressed both for

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the public baths are being enlarged and adapted for winter use.

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ice and snow in a glass of water the mass soon becomes all

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larvae are passing along the vena cava within twenty four hours

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At least two months are needed to make the ligature at all trustworthy.

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rapidity of the heart continued. Cases are not uncommon at the meno

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Many of the problenLs which are confronting the civic authorities

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Place a quantity of granulated zinc in a glass flask and cover

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he described n 1 less Ihm seven clinical types of this

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truth. They spread themselves toward north and south toward

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mechanically cleansed even though there are undoubtedly some bacteria

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wears off the enamel the protecting cover of the tccih pumice stone is

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plied pressure the hemorrhage was soon controlled. Ordinarilly

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p. 530 extending the scope of the company s work and

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acquaint us with fome of their chemical properties while the fenfe

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