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No movement by the patient is allowed during this treatment..

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present absence of urgent symptoms should not induce

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reports were received from the medical profession from the patients

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same presentation anterior or posterior there is nothing to be inferred

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In the midst of the scurf and epidermic scales he found eggs

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Atelectasis may be recovered from if the readmission of air

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tension of sleeping sickness shows that it has been spread

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possible correction both for near work and for distance.

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Urine free specific gravity 1016. It contained no albumen and no excess of

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to this fact. It was hoped in this way that an improvement would

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ness of the muscles and follow each other with great

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virus or poison by a gradually increased alkalinity.

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ruptions caused by the reorganisation have passed and the employees

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is decidedly opposed to the procedure. For practical purposes the induc

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bladder is said to exist when there is an unnaturally frequent desire

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