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by Drs. Bardeen and Lewis and others and in the course of

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may be a metastasis but is more likely to be a direct extension

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that the paralysis was due to degeneration of the kidneys.

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Leaving the acoustic tubercle they pass more or less deeply into the

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Bright s disease is also an occasional sequel. In protracted cases there may

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nected tubercular glands. The connecting lymphatic channels are

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them with 1 cc. of the blood of horses mules guineapigs or dogs

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our present issue affords an opportunity to say a last

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traversed by important bloodvessels as for instance the longitudinal

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discovered any kidney condition with a diastolic pressure lower than

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not be made to carry the group effect theory too far as

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through other organs by setting up abnormal processes in them

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between the two eyes by making use of two prisms the

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agneau. Je le menai lundi matin a la ville avee moi et lui

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Treatment. Iron gentian fenugreek the mineral acids and good

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force of the nervous discharges may be increased by Ammonia

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Symptomatology and Course. The patient will complain of a

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happiness which alone can rise from the possession of the most

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the death of the child is unfortunately associated with the

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troublesome disease especially before the joint involvement

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the reticular framework. Two characteristic bodies are of importance the

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to the suspension of the write of habeas corpus for the person arrested.

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of further trial just in these very cases of recent endocarditis.

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same rational principles as it would be to a chlor

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fever in volunteers at the Maryland House of Correction four years ago in

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to study the comparative effects of disease on them and on our white

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