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toneal cavity. A small dose produces diarrhoea a somewhat larger

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weakest point the untbilienl cicatrix the inguinal canal

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the typewriting and stenographic section was very successful in ob

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It has been truly said that Medical history is unquestionably the

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comparatively free from pain a thing she had not been since the first

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Infection depends largely upon the pathogenic power of

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This movement brings into action all the abdominal muscles

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pupil are more favorable than in emmetropia and the

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lateral sclerosis. This case is of interest as.showing

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think that not only in the aforesaid puerperal complaints but

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enough to nurse and console the sick to enhance their dis

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districts often the employees of contractors and not of the

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Patrick recalls an experience I had about a year ago. A man

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succeeded to the chair of Anatomy made vacant by the resig

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cine the great reputation of which is mainly owing to the cir

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right to take any steps as suggested by Sir James Barr

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seren days of whioh only the last recovered. As to the general

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extremely soft in this case. Although I had carefully gauged the

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ment of the head can be effected with ease and precision. The force

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planning of towns is a subject of recent interest among architects and sanitary

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is usually present at a tolerably early stage but is not

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assumption of full authority on its part was accepting duties with which

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letting the patients wear in each nostril a pellet of

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of sense a wider difference between them and man a far

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sis of typhoid fever. I am satisfied the condition Dr. Mathews

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the wound had closed soon after leaving the hospital

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of iodine and has several preferences. The skin was never

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any two of the electrodes can be connected to the main circuit.

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without fatigue. He has occasionally called with his mother at my

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