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of internal hydrocephalus in which there are a pecu

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disposition and the sexes are equally aft cctcil. About

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in the services during the war namely the National Council

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with due consideration of the nature of the disability. To facilitate

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cially by those who are commencing the study of Botany the following

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On the occurrence of oedema of the lungs death must be

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drops swallowed in a bread pill will often stop seasickness.

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acteristic color whence they derive their name is due to

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classes of organic foods then follow brief chapters on the various

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later under ether the Uterus was dilated and curetted

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was not usually purulent though the mucosa might be intensely injected. B.

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energies of the various recognized schools upon matters

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the very be.st correctives of impaired hepatic function. It expels

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were again those carried out by Xeisser and his associates. They were done

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allowed such persons as described to be examined and if found com

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The case diagnosed as chorea insaniens gave this history

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was that there was no perfectly symmetrical brain or body.

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Local or general fever therapy has long been used in chronic infectious

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in which befides the force and operations of the IndE nh

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Remarks on Botanical Studies. Botany has never been an at

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importance of early antisyphilitic treatment in these dis

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lents of whichever carbonate be employed three out of the four

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consideration the subject referred to them and have

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use of the galvanic current. Although accurate anatomic knowledge

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