L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

student. Admitted to the Presbyterian Hospital January 22

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building up. For horses and cattle give a teaspoonful three

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tion ia a convenient form in which to administer it. The combination

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less than is necessary before any appreciable effect is produced on

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anesthetic power of cocain and novocain but have little or no effect

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contain a large percentage of sulphate of copper. The Lancei

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attacked there will be seen a sudden pallor of the face and dilatatioo

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permint Leaves each in powder one ounce. Mix together.

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The tissues being bombarded by heavy dosage become rap

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the following 1 Scientific Research pp. 15 17 57 2 Foreign and

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it was most frequent in those whose ages range from 60

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able lymphoid tissue present. Alimentary tract No abnormalities except that the lymph

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ticularly on Evipal. Evipal is a barbiturate which is detoxified very

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as a seasoning in cookery. In former times hemp pre

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sections from the corresponding levels of the normal control

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the consideration of the mentally integrated nature of the human organism.

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After his return to London he related the story of the

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gastric and intestinal secretions. It stimulates peristaltic

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these tropical jungles are the natives but the distance to which the

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meninges 6 pleural exudations 6 peritonitis and 32 in which

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scarcely occupies more than an hour for the whole flock. The curative

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amber or light yellowish brown color with a peculiar powerful disa

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