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employed except in the composition of tooth powders and to conceal
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The value of careful records and of following cases to
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The Colloidal Gold Test. This test was first introduced by Lange
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Disserfcationes medicsa et chirurgicee in amphitheatro Coll
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How is it as regards small pcx At Homerton Hospital in 1871 77
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from obtaining their night s rest. The committee have also recom
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for the destruction of rats consisted in the use of
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two attendants attached to the institution were ar
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again the regeneration of the uterine tissue occurring while
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with it local treatment with a tweuty five volume acid
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bearings upon antique problems wrongly put in a pre scientific
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besides the renal symptoms only appeared four weeks
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to the work of the heart and by slowing the beat whilst
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be confirmed by discovery as I personally am sanguine it will be
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for immediate interference in the Medical Supplement 1918 1. 201.
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women to the staffs of all large ruental hospitals and
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out cataractous changes. This may subsequently dimin
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in association either ith diabetes or starvation and it is possible that
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which time the patient should remain in bed. When the symptoms
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contrary whatever of time spent in muscular activities be
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article contains tabulations of results obtained by inoculating
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think that a way should be found to virtually trans
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of the inus los connected therewith. Therefore in all sprains entailing
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entierement distincts bien que dus a une seule et m6me cause.
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The chloride of manganese is certainly as economical a disinfectant
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in the blood picture. In this case so much attention was not
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rate and control the concomitant non specific pyrexia in
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tagion could be discovered so far as the bone complications were
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poor will sooner or later have to be taken care of by

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