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fragments of which will doubtless be found lying about some
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the distant and feeble heart sounds and weak respi
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were acting in various capacities at the front or in camp.
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minute. The tachycardia is regular of auricular origin auric
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served as the Acting Chief of Medicine for the years
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more nearly with those of Berlin. It is very diffi
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retained that the governing body should have the privi
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sioual attacks of diarrhea coming on without apparent cause
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practitioners desirous of keeping pace with the pro ress of the science
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perspiration. The dose is regulated by the distance of
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contributed nothing to the progress of the world in the domain of
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form whence he had descended by a pardon bearing on its face the
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reduce the splenomegalia to relieve the anemia after the spleen
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cluding the operations of Jannai y 17th to 24th 1900. b ing
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or to some suppurative process which has given rise to septicaemia
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tation and water supply which favor the development
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loud second sound. These pairs of sounds occurred at intervals that
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called Mistura contra Diarrhoeum and has the following
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be specific streptococcus of contagious mammitis of milch cows and
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the ends of the bones. The internal lateral ligaments have yielded and
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The Committee has expressed the opinion that all such
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could scarcely have been expected in dealing with a dis
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scratch marks if all precautions have been taken is positive
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ence with the use of ichthalbin in diseases of children. The
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in which the intestine terminated in the bladder. Arand i mentions re
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The report pointed out inter alia that the candidates examined
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physiological or study of function and the anatomical or study of
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the Presbyterian Hospital October 1 on which date Dr.
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having become softened and easily perforated this being also
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History. The Potato Fly though not so much employed as the

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