L. Ron Hubbard
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caused by irritation from the poisons of the disease. Now there

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step forward for medical practice when psychiatric clinics developed

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duly under the supervision of the General Medical Council give notice

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fever i case o deaths typhoid fever 77 cases 11 deaths

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were many examples of disease in the gall bladder that could only be

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origin but makes that origin anatomically epithelial and secretory

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Medical Council and would cover certain exceptional

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selves seven to their widows or ciai ghters. Mr. Cowan

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testinal obstruction is ceasing to be the opprobrium

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TABLE 26. Distribution of Families in which New Cases of Pellagra Occurred

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Lieut. Colonel Douglas Lawjon is placed on retired ray.

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accidents by which life or health may be endangered and generally

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enlargement emaciation diarrhea kidneys as well as the bladder and rec

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