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Encapsulated effusions have of course no typical curve and produce

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is much impaired by the difficulty of determining when the disease is

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admitted were medical among which were the cases of communicable disease

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illustrations being markedly brilliant and successful. With a

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Whether the cured or improved consumptive could safely return

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Septicemia following dilatation and exploration of uterus for severe and

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service. These only half conscious pretenders lack the persistence to

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ject materials with which it comes in contact that con

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almost reflexly. Writing voluntarily and writing from dictation are prac

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boil for ten minutes salt should be added while mixing

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dose. In computing the intensity of x rays upon the skin

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liquid paraffiu. This gives an unpleasant smell in tbe oven

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after which it fades progressively. The tissue in the region of the lesion

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In alcoholic neuritis there is a history of habit and general

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met with in Bright s disease while that inflammation

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ways of the legislators and will lose no time learning the ropes

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as s philis. Pus may form within the sinus or between the mucous

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use of the hypodermic needle for morphia and quinine injections.

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many instances particularly in the more advanced stages of the epidemic tlie

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It opens with a clinic on Military Bone Surgery by Bj. Fred H.

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twice taken chloroform for surgical operations. Soon after

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injecting o a nd yV of grain of atropine intravenously. The ventricular rate

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made that a meningococcal meningitis may be distinguished from one due to

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Finance Bill No. 2. As a result of this procedure there

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the other muscles of the region act as auxiliaries or antago

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