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ence of glycosuria was found absent by chemical analysis of the

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the course of other diseases. We must say exactly the same of

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those far enough advanced to threaten a siege of several

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The vascular lesions consist of exfoliation of the intima leading

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patients not only recover ympt lt gt inatically but

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been reported in which no other cause of the gangrene was found than

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compressed by a toothed clamp which has the advantage of

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There is therefore the strongest reason to regard the period of

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disease in man and the time is not far off when zoology

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ful tochnic an lt l keen judgment as to the special conditions in

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in a spirit of mercy. There are other horses however especially

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PI. IV. When respiration begins the collapsed air cells distend

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Farmer Gabriel Wm. Stahel West h ill house Bryon hill Harrow

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very apparent but the highest characteristic not always present was

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given at the end of the book. These plates are. to a great

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organisms. It may follow suppurative mastitis or metritis

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style nearly obsolete stigma capitate. Fruit yellow glabrous ellipsoid about

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what is perhaps better are always forbearing good natured

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after the climacteric period. Its cause is wholly in consequence of the

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virulent material which being set free after decades had

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cantharides in coarse powder a quarter of an ounce proof spirit

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tary acholia an alteration of the bile which is secreted

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normal arterial tint and ia beaides much more permanent. When

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glaze them over begin suturing commencing at the anterior angle

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the posterior branch of the middle meningeal artery. Had it been

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