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of five years when death resulted from an attack of apoplexy.
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strong odors the eyes water the face flushes and the pulse is
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Such an explanation would be afforded by the increase
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vical posterior roots three quarters of all the fibres have
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is superimposed upon the pneumococcus or may occur separately.
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ber I have done has been relatively small. We had a discus
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tions of antiseptic lotions have in many instances been used
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ago carefully studied by Bravais and at a more recent
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tiones Mcdicae tres de Sympathia partium cum utoro
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supposed to be the deity s residence are erected four
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tive of a natural environment which takes form independently of
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originate as sprouts from the anterior cerebral vesicle and retain respec
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of the gum or cheek. The patient however complains of
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aroused is even more important than the speed with which they come
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Professor of Hygiene Faculty Sao Paulo Brazil 61 Broadway New York
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cranioschisis or anencephalus partial rachischisis in
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pain in one articulation the chronicity of the effu
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they play anv jart in our sense of security in space
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that a patient with incipient tuberculosis will succeed to
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con espond to those in the d opathic disease that is to
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by a personal feeling of insecurity regarding the matter he would
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condition. Now if this be true that a medicinal substance
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which is intended to establish in Washington D. C a model
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the Virginia Hospital was elected city bacteriologist to
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called king s evil because in earlier ages the touch of a king
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marked influence over the whole glandular system quickening the
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