L. Ron Hubbard
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great quantity of liquid and solid food was found in the

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taste of chlorin will disappear after the water has stood twenty minutes.

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mental analogue of the laryngeal sac of the gorilla P urther hernia like

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much difficulty in making an efficient device to meet the immediate necessity.

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pulmonary tuberculosis mostly of tie mixed type that not less

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Wounds made upon the hands in the dissection of dead animals

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fessor of therapeutics many years ago to give a hypodermic of morphine and

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activity if not of actual mental developniont. So many

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voluntaryism but it is waking and it cannot long blind

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A slight lebrile reaction supervened after the operation but no fresh suppura

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Klemperer details some experiments which he made in order to remove

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of a woman by procuring a miscarriage by the use of instruments

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peared suddenly after gastric and intestinal disturbance

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and Bartholin and a specimen obtained by means of a

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matttn m the hands of a special committee to report a year hence.

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of manifold interest. It has been shown to vary to a great

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keep him lying down with his head on a low pillow and

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Fig. 4589. Tubercular Syphiloderm of the Shoulders showing Scars

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Senior medical officers will therefore cooperate with veterinarians and assist them by

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The National Confederation of State Medical Examining and

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small quantity of 10 per cent sodium chloride solu

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the voice is injured by the effect of the lymphoid inflam

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