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as an antiseptic as compared with carbolic acid. The
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Thus the area covered by G. morsitans borders closely on the south
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The deep reflexes may be either lost or exaggerated. In keeping with the
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Ultimately diverge laterally or in stable language it will bb said
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or it may be delayed for several days. Recovery is usually
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But the Cytodites often exist in large numbers in the air sacs without
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femur considerably flexed and much lordosis of the spine. Here as
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he can tell you that they had on either side extend
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the medical attendant to notify the medical officer
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operated upon early while many of the.slighter cases
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The elbow joint ofl eis a very favourable field for arthro
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the threi5 venereal diseased acute gonorrlioea fioJt sore
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committee reported that a reply had been received from
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the follies to which it is by nature predestinated.
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city officers on Iay 3d had been nominated before the war began. A
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making water and the yellow hue of the excretion have disap
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genital syphilis rickets von.Taksch s disease splenic anemia
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faithfully applied at the outset will be indicated but often the trouble is
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domen but especially over appendix and right ovary.
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prised to note the emphasis on the use of styptics in lijemoptysis
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Recently the author has been interested in the question of the trans
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in rtlff T lu PAssAaE. This is nearly always impossible
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what is required is the removal of the epidermis completely from over the
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an abnormal condition of the blood are gout rheumatism malaria
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Pericarditis with adhesions which hamper the heart s action.
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Pharmacist Morris for fourteen days from August 10.
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had severe ileus. The acrid humours that determined the
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Nous laisserons passer cette semaine les jours gras et je
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of work not before breakfast or at night never directly after eating.
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to swallow only strained liquid food. She has frequent at
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keep a superficial dressing from smelling of iodoform. L Union M
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that it is a fully substantiated fact. DeSehweinitz has
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defective in development. Riva contends that the alteration of the
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and escaped infection while 6 who declined on the ground of
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strongly acid and almost caustic. It dissolves in three fourths of its
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Pessaries of Xylonite. Dr. Meadows showed pessaries made of the
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Composition. Contains catechu iannic acid. It does not
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rehabilitation of the theory of knowledge is the result of the advance
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fresh drug but decomposed on drying yielding glucose and
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us. And thus though the description of the unicorn be very
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those who have been selected by reason of their inclina
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were carefully examined and there were no indications of thickening.
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one or more to the British Bed Cross Society or the
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this jaundice has increased in extent and severity his whole body
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feres in any way with pregnancy or labor aside from
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From the wording of the fetter one would certainly infer that
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of water although not a true antidote should be injected
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aud. save for a few cases of pneumonia sore feet aud
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universities by special chairs and laboratories. It should be the task
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The amount of glazed window surface admitting light to
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two constituents of gentian violet methyl violet and crystal
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windows are cut. An ordinarj penknife is quite sufficient for
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that most readily offers itself is that the inflammatory action which we
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remember the time taken up by the incubation period
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those persons are in a condition to maintain full vis
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giddiness. About December 9 he was occasionally nauseated.
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u u L ly a s all quantity of septic matter has been
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Signal Honor for Dr. Winchester is the heading of an
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sociation of Chicago. I beg leave to inquire 1 Whether in every
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was supposed to be a panacea for all ills. Dr. Victor Robinson
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tained. As this procedure cannot be followed in actual prac
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upper part apparently part of kidney formed part of

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