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many contemporary records. All alike refer it back to Edward

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condition. We general practitioners know practically nothing at all about

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possible for blood to enter the trachea or for the saliva to flow

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to the ward in good condition has a slight post operative

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He agrees with the opinion of Goldbaum that cholera

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boy s characteristics. These young officers are engaged in a service

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these symptoms present in 67 per cent of all his cases.

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An area extending to the posterior after all medicinal means have failed

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results in the treatment of pterygion by the use of an ointment

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epithelial ingrowth why may not an overgrowth of epithelium from

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introduced intradermically produce an area of redness and swelling

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strictures the open method is wiser as it admits of

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A. Thk troatment of hookworm infcrtion with bptannjilithol wnH

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fine and imprisonment. Any person shall be regarded

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poverty characteristic of purely scientific enterprises

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form is more dangerous than ether since Juillard s and Gurlt s

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thetic is necessary in the injection of a hemangioma with

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cludes the basal iganglia. 4th. The same with absence of symp

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neck become rigid the head is retracted and rolled slowly from side to

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the skin and kidneys principally the former only tends to

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conveniences of fire in our dwellings are removed too early.

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acids into the blood stream demonstrated that a more acid reaction of the

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exceptionally met with in Zanzibar but C. hemiptera F. rotundatus

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a yearly salary of JG O0 to supervise expenditures made by

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chloroform was given. Of the 40 children 5 were dead born and

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Auricular mange in rabbits caused by Psoroptes cuniculi frequently

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dispensary because it was not gaining in weight and was having

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sluffoish stream to the beamins heat of a summer s sun. In

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about the subject suggests the type of surgeon who had to suc

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is standing erect with the eyes closed she falls backward but the

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gave place to the flotsam and jetsam of the Atlantic

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Boston MBDICAL AUD SVnOJCAL JOVnnAL. Novembeb 1894.

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vocative of attacks. Sudden shock injury or powerful emotions will

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cinator and other muscles recovered their tone while the orbicularis pal

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the same cases as the bicarbonate but in consequence of its unplea

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inner ear. In this Section we also saw a demonstration of

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dience to the law which requires an immediate report

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of starch allowed and increase the amount of skim milk

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exceptionally met with in Zanzibar but C. hemiptera F. rotundatus

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column of blood is the longest. The column of blood in

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But it was not phonetics alone that the Indian grammarians were

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In cases of bronchitis following head colds symptoms are

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the table in bad condition with a pulse rate varying

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epizootic was not determined there was abundant evidence that it was

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respiration and rapid and almost imperceptible pulse it is

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purulent matter. In this case rales had persisted over the

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it had no value as far as his limited experience had gone

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X married man whose disease hyperidrosis is as indicated

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Heart sound at the base still prolonged. 26th. Urine alka

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the degenerative changes characteristic of the antimony

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almost entire sleeplessness without the aid of remedies dizziness mind acts slow

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Museum of Sydney the Imperial College of Science British Museum

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physician should either do that or train his office

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in benefiting communities. In England opposite Liverpool a new and

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