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their children in an early grave rather than see them placed
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dent of the Medical Board at the India Office he fultilled
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with secretory ducts and that they secrete such substances as
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usually transmitted from the sick to the well by means of the
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given proper conditions there ia a good hope of his recovery.
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of the Cantharides to injure the kidneys and produce strangury. But the
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types which at present are known in the Philippines only from northern
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bladder is said to exist when there is an unnaturally frequent desire
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the length of the leaf channeled having stellate hairs when quite young
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delusions include the delusions of sin the hypochondriacal delusions the
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discoveries the synchronism of tho oscillations of the
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human beings so utterly unlike each other as some of these races are
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calculi in the gall bladder quite too large to engage in
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allow the first finger to hook the upper part of the broad
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is unauimously of opinion that the proposal of the Panel Com
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liarities to be noted later on. There are no signs of con
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Prophylaxis and Treatment of Frozen Parts by Cesare Rabbi capitano medico.
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has some vital or more probably chemical connection. We are then to
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It has been regarded as analogous to leukaemia and pernicious anaemia.
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ten preparations and in most quack aperient pills it is a leading
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rabbits and bulls thereby securing large amounts of protected epithelial sur
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regains its feet seems for a time languid but is soon normal
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thus the long rop and single hobble only are required the lat
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lieve the disease to be smallpox for no other reason
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cures by spells and like expedients which in one shape
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opinion of his own ability in fact as he expressed it was rather
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faculties pareses or paralyses point to affection of the vessels of the
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of the. excretory mucosa and probably most so as it
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Kamsbotham saw three cases of puerperal mania so caused. A friend
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having been found injurious producing the very effect it was made use of
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tile criminal at various times before he decides the
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tumors suggest at once clinical phenomena which will
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cial organs of its own but also entering deeply into the
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attempts at an explanation. Some have looked to a vague mysterious
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splenic infarcation. have now been mounted for four
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usual answer might be summed up in the words of the old
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Red Cross agreement which the Spanish again observed at the siege of
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lating to the fibula as the Peroneei muscles lt tc.
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Professor Struthers the company visited Banchory Birse Finzean
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peritoneum of the anterior abdominal wall. In view of
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Finsen method or to the arc light but the heal emitted
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It has been regarded as analogous to leukaemia and pernicious anaemia.
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tive of this condition are more common such as apoplexy pa
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polsiblo a sni.dl portion of the pathological tissKM appluatiou o.
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camphor and oil of lavender in the spirit then add the solution of
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ard of value and comfort wherever Beds are displayed sold used
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Galen wrote more than a hundred treatises on various
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of the heart probably friction was heard for the first time to day.
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aspiration by the ruliher catheter is indicated. Application.s of ulternalc
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also definite evidence of heart trouble such as forcible
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ever is not justifiable for the increase in oxA gen consumption is
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tuberculosis. Philipsoni2 found tubercle bacilli and produced
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pnrative processes especially in the head. Marantic thrombus shows
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derside shining on the upper sli ules in pairs acuminate. I lotcers
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opposite direction. The method is available only when
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towards morning the swelling is soft and inelastic and when
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of restoration. When the period of improvement comes on the mas
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gen dies first. Heat on the other hand upholds the sustaining power
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bone and muscle. The dam should also have moderate exercise but it should
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