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following table shows the conditions which have called for the operation

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appetite was good and he slept soundly for some hours.

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prior in thought to the body as all activities are to the materials

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for their consideration but that neither was in their opinion of sufficient

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In connection with this case Virdia mentioned 3 cases treated

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vFith Cautions against the use of Lead in P P i j gQg

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The Lamao Forest Reserve was established in October 1903 as a

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interfered with. Communication especially with Verhkne Udinsk

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iu the Loyal North Lancashires with a smashed humerus. Tho

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irritated by scratching papules and vesicles maj form. The itching

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the multitude of facts presented by bacteriologists chemists

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given. This produced an attack of vomiting la.sting

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the prophylactic virtues of this invaluable blessing are undoubted and prove so

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L eveehe de Macon a ete donne au I de. Hours eveque

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Gas and electricity for laboratory apparatus etc 215. 05

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formed by some physicians that antitoxin would keep for

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contemporaries is presented by time on the same course and with the

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his voyage as an explorer that Nature acts for wise purposes

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Treatment of Famnculosis. However useful the external

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have taken him by the hand and kissed him in grati

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Also reported for Chelidon rustica C. urbica Cotyle riparia Drusus trifidus

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m the manner of their contraction was forged by their

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loosely packed together. In the former condition they assume

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which merits careful consideration as a means of eliminating mosquitos.

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For venereal diseases the rate for the colored troops was 106.13

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A Program for Organizing and Coordinating Industrial Clinics. T.

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bitious to drawe affection respect and honour to their religion

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clears a path for voluntary movement. One distinguishes

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after birth. In all death occurred within one month. In the only two

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on the roads and cultivated portions of the island except in

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But when they begin their practice they will turn their former diploma

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mind or body. 3. That any medical officer in the Poor law Service

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body knows which accompany all our movements and which we usu

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obtaining a fresh supply from rabid animals or men coming under ob

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not help the upper cervical ner es may also be resected. Another

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reason which was daily ripening into fruit of choicest wisdom.

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patient in this state died of cerebral meningitis another

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General remarks Diseases of the Mouth and Throat Gastritis

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The question might be raised as to relative value of sym

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tom with marked strabismus from its very onset. If constipation is not

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bend exists the sac should be opened and the obstruction

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be a female but the impression the two yolks got at different

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by auscultation of the heart blue cold semi conscious and

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on to ulceration. We have extracted the whole descrip

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in Annual Univer. al Medical Sci a Inmdred ton Armstrong gun.

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tific journals is out of place its effect being to promote

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tion of heat to the different parts of the body is accomplished

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The patient was discharged at the end of two weeks and told to

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the importance of a thorough knowledge of the fundamental

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with tyres and to the fact that they were not summoned

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Pelvic Cellular Tissue Cellulitis. I elvic haematoma.

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the structure of the cell wall of the conidia and the mode in

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the exact status of the factors affecting the health

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dustrial Commission before installation. By so doing they

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atmosphere what Sir Isaac Newton had demonstrated in reference to

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