L. Ron Hubbard
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peculiar valve like vibration communicated to the instrument and is

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epigastrium where the greatest exudation noticed was

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the gatht rings of the South African Medical Congress at

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the country to the various cadet training schools giving

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acid but intensely with hot acid. It would therefore appear

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pension in the application of spinal jackets and also a

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Genersich Lesser and Paschutin have taught us how very much

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times sufficiently great to compromise more or less coitus and childbirth.

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of which our journals and reports are full but I will

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reapplied if there are granulations above the level of the skin

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patient s room and passed on into use without being sterilized. Dr.

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marks out the pathway to a differential diagnosis between

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small dose i of a milligramme is entirely inoffensive that it

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material all are impressions still vivid to these many years.

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sphenoidal cells associated with abscess of the orbit

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New methodn of psycbopaithaloKiGal investigation were introduced by

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intestinal or hysterical. By means of this catheter I have

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maternal and fetal tissues are unnaturally adherent.

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weight as a cause for rejection fell from first to second place the

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which the cocaine caused by keeping the lids open and thus favoring

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published by the Charity Organization Society. This

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that our modern teeth are degenerate and degenerating. It is

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modern times had its list of indications so widely and

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therapeutic measure. Experience has shown that in the doubtful

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healed a large drain from an issue to prevent a new inflam

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if the presence of bile in the pancreas is sufficient

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sembles belladonna physiologically but is much less poisonous.

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for great merriment hasi circulates freely the men sing daleng and

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for some time to aid his judgment by the sense of touch.

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destroyed. Little assistance is obtained from these

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Elliot Smith The Most Ancient Splints British Medical

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Two thirds of the triad were now constituted the third link

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above the head aUliough sliglitly infre lt uent quick and jerking it is

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in the latter there is myositis of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on

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sulphate by sulphuric acid or the alkaline sulphates. Oxalic acid

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think that a way should be found to virtually trans

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changes in the pelvis are of sjtecial importance particularly in female chil

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Let this set of assumptions be tried as a working hypothesis. If

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ated with mesenteric embolism or tlirombosis cardiac

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were to be called before the four masters to receive the

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able importance. The average practitioner will not give the time to

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patient complained of vertigo headache insomnia and

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with spirit of nitrous ether. Bucbu is oecasionrtliy pre

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the sulphate of quinine should be daily administered in children cod

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arm was removed the cut surfaces were crowded with small interstitial

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until iodism appeared and the separation of false membrane

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ptyalin does not digest uncooked starch Halliburton

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ment of the men of the North Staffordshire Regiment and

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purpose of studying and investigating the whole subject of

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ards the heating and ventilating engineers under the control of architects

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fo likewife did all the reft. As we have Uones th. rc are

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several millions per second and requires 20 000 or more

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results which is the strenuous efforts of nature to rid

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from an acute disease. He always tried to escape and one night

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general control of the professional services Medical Department transportation

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Six weeks. Of ten similar cases ou record four had been

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herniotomy for a strangulated inguinal hernia. A post mortem examination

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persons entitled to use the nursing service. Many urge the

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of resolution. The early acute inflammatory processes resembled

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graphical accuracy which has so long merited the confidence of the profession.

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The third Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America will be

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for headache sassafras or violet leaves for wounds and felons

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Rupture of Muscles. HochstetterM. reports a rupture of the

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apprehension which our situation might have inspired seemed only to

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affection they had at no time had any form of treat

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at the Johns Hopkins Hospital on Sunday afternoon May 8

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