L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

kins for alleged violations of the oleomargarin laws the

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town. The value of this in the control of stegomyia can scarcely

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was of such rare occurrence as to be thought worthy of

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reasonable to believe that it was purely a toxic erup

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A Manual of Syphilis and Hit Venereal Diseases. By James Nevins

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were practically free from the ordinary domestic rodents

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British Medical Journal of December 5th on the above

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column of air which after two or three inspirations

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The suppression of urine due to injuries of the urethra gives rise to

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There is insufficient evidence on which to draw any conclusions as

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cyst. Hamelin mentions a case of this nature. It is

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streptococci. Dr. Wvatt Wingrave in 49 cases found diplococci 36

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us to be almost invalidated as to that point by the

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from this or from other diseases are wholly ignored.

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extravasated blood passing into a blood cyst and possibly forebod

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Here there is substituted an acid reaction of the intestinal contents

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will be more or less tainted witli these impurities. The

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sons were affected twice and only 1 person three times Dreschfeld.

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will be noticed presently. The pain and shock of operations

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As your president I have tried to visit the various portions of the

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Williams J. On the Mineral Waters of the German Spa Svo

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tions at Apothecaries Hall unless he had been examined in Latin.

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increases in the older cases and after subsidence of inflamma

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